“Student Courtesy” Microfilm Competition

Download the “Student Courtesy” Micro Film Competition Rules
Download the “Student Courtesy” Microfilm Competition Registration Form
Upload the completed registration form or the completed movie
Competition Goals and Ideas
To encourage students to pay attention to the people and things around them, improve their sense of what are “good manners”, and to develop correct moral behaviour.


Elementary school, secondary schools

Participating teams should make a microfilm based on the details of everyday life that conveys a positive message to explore a variety of courteous moves, facilities and characters, creativity.

Entry Requirements

1. Length 2 to 5 minutes (Including titles and credits)
2. Any form is acceptable such as: story deduction, MTV, interview, experiment, or computer animation.

Format Requirements

Resolution 720p or above, MPEG / MP4 / MOV / WMV / AVI file formats, file size below 1GB

1. Secondary School and Primary School participants must be recommended by their schools
2. The number of participants per team is not limited
3. There can be no more than 5 nominated teams for each school
(For details, please refer to the competition rules and registration form)