Public Guided Tours

“The Academy’s Guided Tours” include the story of Prof Jao Tsung-I and his works, the evolving history and the architectural features of the Academy.


Public Guided Tour 

Every Friday:2pm

Every Saturday:11am | 2pm | 4pm

Public guided tours require no registration. Interested parties please gather at the Assembly Point at the Gallery 1 of Lower Zone.


Group Visit
Advance registration is required for group visits (do not include Public Guided Tour).

Group Visit Application Form


Details of Public Guided Tour



The Gallery and Heritage Hall are closed on Mondays, so are not included in the guided tours on that day.

  1. Guided Tours are conducted in Cantonese. (English and Mandarin Tours also available upon requests in advance)
  2. Group Visit requires reservation. Interested parties please fill in Group Visit Registration Formand return by Email, Fax or Mail.
  3. Participants are suggested to put on proper outdoor clothing and footwear, sunscreens and insect repellent may also be needed.
  4. In order to keep a clean and safe environment for visitors, please respect Vistors Terms.
  5. Guided Tours will be cancelled if the following weather condition(s) is still in force 3 hours before the tour begins:(i) Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.3 or above is hoisted; or (ii) Yellow/Red/ Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued.
  6. If there is a Typhoon Signal No.8 or above or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal at 8 am or after, Jao Tsung-I Academy will be closed and all guided tours will be cancelled. If the Education Bureau has announced that classes are suspended, school tour reservations and associated activities will be cancelled. For enquires about special situations, please call 2100-2828.