A Study of Kau Wah Keng Old Village & Surrounding Areas

Through this funded project, Jao Tsung-I Academy hopes to explore the surrounding communities, taking advantage of the site as an axis to explore Kau Wah Keng Old Village and its neighbouring areas; to explore the contours and changes in the communities, and to share the life stories that are close at hand.


The project was achieved thanks to the support of the Lord Wilson Heritage Trust.



Research Report

Over the past half century, Kau Wah Keng Old Village and its neighbouring areas have undergone tremendous changes. This is a portrait of the renewal of the region and a microcosm of Hong Kong’s social changes. A Study of Kau Wah Keng Old Village & Surrounding Areas, written by Dr. Kelvin K. Chow, The University of Hong Kong, School of Chinese; and translated by Jao Tsung-I Academy, helps the public to understand the historical development and significance of this area.

Click here for PDF: A Study of Kau Wah Keng Old Village & Surrounding Areas




Housing Historical Trail – Strolling in the Community Circle of Life

Starting from the Kau Wah Keng Old Village and ending at Jao Tsung-I Academy, this trail illustrates the diversity of Hong Kong residential buildings and encourages the exploration of communities.

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Click here for PDF: Kau Wah Keng Old Village & Surrounding Areas



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To all Kau Wah Keng villagers, consultants, researchers, designers, translators, volunteers, and friends from community for their contributions to this project.



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