Conference Room

The Conference Room is located at the ground floor of Block K, Middle Zone, and is equipped with projector and audio equipment, and is suitable for all kinds of meetings.

Rental charge /
each section (2 hours)
Mon – Fri Sat/ Sun/
Every extra hour Overrunning Charge
(Apply on the same day)
(1) General
For details, please call 21002828 or email
The hourly rate is
$900 per hour.The hirer must
arrange with the
responsible venue
operator for the
overrun.** For details,
please refer to
Note 1 on Overrun
Sessions on P.9 of
Note for Venue
(2) Organizations /
individuals in culture,
arts, or education
$1,100 $1,700 $800
(3) Charity groups /
(need local
certification documents)
$900 $1,200
  • Basic facilities
Basic lighting, air-conditioning, projector and audio system, HDMI connector,
20 chairs and 1 conference table
  • Floor plan (Capacity: 30 persons)