Chinese Traditional Food Workshop

Autumn Fullness‧Mulberry 5-Nut Moon Cakes

Due to the overwhelming response of the workshop, all reservations are full. Thank you for your enthusiastic support!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching, and of course you need moon cakes to symbolize happy reunions! Once again we have our traditional Chinese food workshop. Our instructor, “Cooking Mama” is always promotes Chinese culture and wants to teach everyone the health benefits of traditional Chinese food. We will make Mulberry 5-nut moon cakes at this workshop.


There are many kinds of moon cakes on the market, many of which are made by machine. The taste is far removed from their original taste. The classic 5-nut moon cake can be expensive and you rarely come across the real thing.


The five-nut mooncakes you will make will consist not only of five kinds of nuts, but also homemade pineapple filling and secret syrup carefully selected by “Cooking Mama” which will have an unique flavour!  These moon cakes will also contain mulberry which has the effect of nourishing the liver, and treating liver and kidney yin deficiency. So during the Mid-Autumn Festival you can enjoy the moon while not forgetting to look after your health! Learners can also adjust the sweetness and nutty crispness according to their own preference.


This Mid-Autumn Festival give healthy and nourishing mulberry 5-nut moon cakes, a classic Mid-Autumn Festival taste that has been passed down from generation to generation. The number of places is limited, so sign up now!

Instructor: Ellen Chow

About the Instructor: “Cooking Mama” Ellen Chow studies Chinese medicine and loves cooking, especially traditional Chinese health food.

Date: 22 September 2018 (Saturday)

Time: 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Place: Art Workshop 2, Block K, Jao Tsung-I Academy (800 Castle Peak Road)

Cost: Non-members $180; Members $160; Families $240 (1 adult + 1 Child under 18)
(Including drinks, and tasting and making 4 moon cakes)

Language: Cantonese

RegisterAll reservations are full

Enquiries: 2100 2828 (Miss Lam)