Let Our Heart Breathe: Seminar Workshop

Let Our Heart Breathe x Forest Bathing

Host | “Let Our Heart Breathe”

Co-organizer & Venue Support | Jao Tsung-I Academy


Learn the true face of life through the wisdom of nature, being nourished by sunlight, leaves, flowing water, soil, and gentle breezes. Regain energy after exhaustion, strength after grief or loss by using your heart to understand how to think every thought and walk every step. Connect with the healing source.


We invite you to listen to the story of Amanda’s heart breathing.

Let the leaves and the forest lead and enlighten your life journey.


Speakers: Dr. Venus Wong X Amanda Yuk, registered forest bathing guide

Date|4 Aug 2019 (Sunday)

Time|3 pm–5 pm

Place|Theater, Jao Tsung-I Academy (800 Castle Peak Road, Mei Foo)



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Limited seats, first come, first served.

Amanda Yik 

Amanda is the founder of Shinrin Yoku Hong Kong, a Certified Forest Therapy Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programsin the US, as well as a Certified Professional Coach in Transformation. Amanda graduated from the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law (LLB (Hons) and PCLL) and Faculty of Social Sciences (MSocSc in Corporate Environmental Governance). Surviving critical illness in 2014 allowed her to experience the deep healing power of living with awareness in the embrace of nature. Since 2017, she has guided and facilitated close to 100 forest bathing and nature connection experiences, lectures and workshops through public events and in collaboration with the corporate sector, social welfare organisations, environmental organisations, NGOs and educational institutions in Hong Kong. Tapping into her extensive experience as a commercial lawyer and a senior NGO manager and drawing from decades of combined experience in yoga, tai chi and mindfulness practice, she crafts highly relevant and personal experiences that support busy urbanites to reconnect with nature, and find peace in our fast-paced life.