Introduction to the Band:

Jazz Roaster, a Hong Kong jazz band formed in 2017, consist of Mark Leung on guitar, Barry Lam on double bass/bass guitar, and Felix Leung on drums. They mainly play bebop, swing, bossa nova, and ballads.



Member Profiles:

Mark Leung:

Mark Leung is a jazz guitarist active in Hong Kong and Macao. He has worked with well-known Hong Kong guitarists Chen Guohua, Teddy Suen and Nuno Ferreira, jazz bass cellist Ze Eduardo and guitarist Mario Delgado. Mark has been invited to perform at various venues, including the Lou Kau Mansion in Macau as well as hotels, restaurants, and cafes. In 2017 he was invited by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department to give four lectures and performance demonstrations in the Jazz Up series “Getting to Know Jazz”.

Leung is also a tutor with over 10 years of experience in teaching guitar and music. He is an instructor in the associate degree program of the Hong Kong Institute of Technology where he teaches an introduction to popular music course. He founded Sound & Good Co. and Olá School of Music to develop musical performances and music education. Leung is also the founder and two-time chairman of the Free Music Association (FMA) and a member of the Hong Kong Composers and Authors Association (CASH).


Barry Lam:

Barry Lam is a Hong Kong-based jazz bass cellist, bass guitarist, and music instructor, being taught by Teddy Suen and Portuguese jazz master Eduardo Alves da Silva. In 2017, he was invited by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department to give lecture-demonstrations in the Jazz Up series “Getting to Know Jazz”. Recent performances have been at the Jockey Club’s Black Box Theatre, Macau hotels, and other venues. Lam is passionate about teaching and educating people about jazz. He has also conducted guided jazz music album appreciation activities for the visually impaired on behalf of welfare organisations. Lam writes the jazz-appreciation columns “Listening to Jazz” and “Bass Brain” on the online platform “Music Valley”.


Felix Leung:

Felix Leung graduated from Shue Yan University in counselling and psychology. During his studies, he was inspired and taught by the well-known drummer Simon Chui. As his passion for music became more and more intense, he became a full-time drummer. Leung’s jazz career began as a follower of Eduardo Alves da Silva. Leung is also the drummer in the band Jazz Roaster.