Jointly organized by Buddhist Compassion and Jao Tsung-I Academy

Ven. Chi Chern’s Hong Kong dharma teaching (弘法) Tour 2018


Peace of Mind : The Painting and Calligraphy of Ven. Chi Chern

Buddhist Compassion and Jao Tsung-I Academy have jointly organized the exhibition of  “Peace of Mind : The Painting and Calligraphy of Ven. Chi Chern” from 12th  October to 28th October in The Gallery(Exhibition Hall 2 and 3).


Ven. Chi Chern has practiced painting and calligraphy for 40 years using brush and ink to express the simplicity of Zen and the smoothness of change.


Exhibition Introduction
The theme of the exhibition is “Peace of Mind: The Painting and Calligraphy of Ven. Chi Chern”. Through the works of Ven. Chi Chern, it is hoped that we can learn how to maintain a quiet heart in a rash and brash external environment, and to live every moment with peace of mind.
In addition to the Heart Sutra paintings in different styles by Ven. Chi Chern, the exhibition also displays some eclectic and far-reaching works, including precious small-scale paintings specially selected by Ven. Chi Chern. All the works in this exhibition come with no particular title attached to them, so that they can give the viewer a larger space to insert their imagination and give their own unique meaning to the works. When viewers watch the exhibits with their heart, they can understand the Zen of Ven. Chi Chern and have a deeper understanding of “peace of mind and the mind is no hindrance”.


Venue: Exhibition Hall 2 and 3, The Gallery, Jao Tsung-I Academy

(800 Castle Peak Road, Kowloon)

Date: 12 – 28 October, 2018

Time: 10 am – 6 pm

*Ven. Chi Chern will be present during the exhibition on 12, 13, 15, 22 and in the afternoon on 21 October.

(Please take note that the above arrangements may change due to changes in Ven. Chi Chern’s circumstances.)


Profile of  Ven. Chi Chern

Born in Malaysia in 1955, he became a monk in 1978. In the same year, he went to Taiwan’s Songshan Temple to follow Master Yinshun, studying Dharma at the Research Department of the Foguangshan Buddhist Research Institute. In 1980 he began practicing Zen under Master Sheng Yan. In 1985, he taught Zen in accordance with the Zen tradition, and became a disciple of Master Sheng Yan, becoming the 58th generation descendant of Linjizong and the 4th generation disciple of the old monk. He is currently Dean of the Malaysian Buddhist Institute and the abbot of Puzhao Temple.