Art Pictura Art Work Show

Our gratitude to the Jao-Tsung I Academy and the Hong Kong Tea Academy for organizing arts classes, which we have participated.  We are also thankful to Mr. Chung Siu-yau for his guidance and encouragement when we arranged this art work show.  With our humble heart, we sincerely invite you to share our joy on this artistic venture in this late autumn season.

“Art Pictura” is the name of this art work show.  Artistic creation is the pursuit of beauty and goodness. Regardless of the content being metaphysical or materialistic, painting can cleanse our soul, inspire our wisdom and allow us to appreciate the spirituality of the universe and the beauty of the comity. We have selected paintings of different themes for this exhibition, which include the respectful and solemn figures of Buddha, the intelligent and beautiful heavenly maidens, the pure and untainted lotuses, the leisurely swimming carps, and, amongst others, the auspicious peonies.  We hope you enjoy the beauty of our expressive paintings