'The Vivid World of Chinese Characters: From the Origin to the Future' Exhibition

Chinese characters are a group of fairies endowed with great charms. They record the hardship of drastic historical changes as well as the prosperity of peaceful and flourishing times. Loaded with the wisdom and sentiments of the ancient Chinese, Chinese characters show what beauty has meant to the Chinese people and how beauty has been expressed by them.

This exhibition is not confined only to write description but also highlighting those charming elements of Chinese characters through interacting with concrete objects, video and music.

We hope that the good essence of Chinese culture can be inherited and the vitality of Chinese characters grows every day. May the wisdom of Chinese characters bring you joy everyday!

Time: 10:00 – 18:00
Venue: 1/F Block F, Middle Zone, Jao Tsung-I Academy
Address: 800 Castle Peak Road, Mei Foo, Kowloon

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The Eight Areas

。Years and Age in Chinese Characters   。The Tree of the World’s Scripts
。Story of Chinese characters   。The Beauty of Chinese Characters
。Chinese Characters in Our Daily Life   。Rotating Radicals
。The Powerful You   。I Love Hong Kong

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Guided Tour (Suspended)

Want to know more about Chinese characters? Plan your visit with us! Led by our professionally trained volunteer docents, the tour will give you a unique and inspiring visitor experience. Together we will explore the vivid world of Chinese characters.

In order to protect public health and minimise the risk of contacting and spreading COVID-19, our guided tours will be suspended until further notice. Thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience caused.


My Affection, My Heart” Creative Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition


Not everyone can be the main character in a film, but when we are enjoying a movie, we occasionally fantasize about being a screenwriter and creating a dialogue for the film out of our own lives. Through the imagination of 16 Hong Kong films, this exhibition and art installation uses the golden sentences from these films as a blueprint, in line with the presentation of creative calligraphy fonts, to respond to, and re-create the dialogues of the characters in the films, re-editing the characters in the films, and re-editing the inspirational classic dialogue around family, friendship, and love. With delicate and sincere brushstrokes, feel the love of family, friends, and lovers.

This exhibition has been planned by AER(Beijing)Culture Co., Ltd and Jao Tsung-I Academy with the cooperation of five Chinese calligraphers, including Mr. Su Shishu, Mr. Su Chengbo, Ms. Lu Hongyi, Ms. Fa Sutian, and Mr. Liang Ze created 16 creative calligraphy works in response to dialogues from 16 classic Hong Kong films. Quietly contemplate and reflect on the sincere and deep feelings hidden in these lines that are likely to resonate in the hearts of family, friends, and lovers.

Time:    10am - 6pm (Except for Mondays)
Place:    Exhibition Hall “The Vivid World of Chinese Characters” (1/F Block F, Middle Zone, Jao Tsung-I Academy)


“My Affection, My Heart” Outdoor Calligraphy Art Installation

Respond to the form, colour, and size of 16 different calligraphic works of the Chinese character “Heart” and original film dialogue. The design of the art installation is a unique combination of the unique elements from 16 classic Hong Kong films. Everyone can enjoy the emotions that accompany these beautiful memories and then together create a moving scene that belongs just to them.
Place: Middle Zone, Jao Tsung-I Academy
Cost: Free

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