Two Workshops are located at the ground floor of Block K, Middle Zone. Workshops 1 and 2 are equipped with a water supply facility and are suitable for handicrafts, all kinds of art work, and art-related courses.

Rental charge / for each
section (2 hours)
Mon – Fri Sat/ Sun/
Public Holiday
Every extra
Overrunning charge
(Apply on the same day)
(1) General
For details, please call 21002828 or email to
The hourly rate is
$1,400 per hour.The hirer must
arrange with the
responsible venue
operator for the
overrun.** For details
please refer to Note
1 on Overrun
Sessions on P.9 of
Note for Venue
(2) Organizations /
individuals in culture,
arts, or education
(3) Charity groups/
  • Basic facilities
Basic lighting, air-conditioning, sink with water supply, 55” LCD display, 20 chairs and 4 tables
  • Floor plan (Capacity: 30 persons)


Antiquities and Monuments Office organises ‘Revitalisation of Historic Buildings and Cultural Inheritance Workshop’ at Jao Tsung-I Academy

Antiquities and Monuments Office co-organises with Education Bureau for “NSS Knowledge Enrichment Course for the History Curriculum: ‘Revitalisation of Historic Buildings and Cultural Inheritance Workshop’ (Seminar and site visits)”.  A group of secondary teachers visits Jao Tsung-I Academy to learn about revitalisation process, historical changes and facilities of the site.