About the Hong Kong Society for the Promotion of Chinese Liyi

In the winter of 1997, on his return from New Zealand, Dr H. C. Hung, a then professor of western philosophy, initiated the idea of setting up the “Hong Kong Society for the Promotion of Chinese Liyi.” With the help of Mr. T. H. Yao, the then Chairman of the “Chinese Language Society of Hong Kong”, Mr S. N. You and his other friends, the Society was officially inaugurated in 2005 to revitalize Chinese rituals and etiquettes, which are founded on the virtues of sincerity, esteem, modesty and humbleness. By adopting the motto that “civility being the face of humanity, a person cannot establish oneself without learning to be courteous”, the Society is dedicated to reviving China’s exquisite cultural heritage and its tradition of courtesy and respect. The Society not only abides by China’s ancestral teachings that “practising civility can facilitate governance of the nation, its people and their society, and benefit their descendents”, it also recognises that “rituals form the order of heaven and earth” and “their nature is righteous and honourable and their forms, solemn, respectful, cordial, and pleasant. Most importantly, the Society believes that “culture is a country’s soul whilst civility, its apparel.” The vision of the Society is thus to infuse the gracious spirit of China’s traditional rituals into the words and deeds of people’s everyday life to enable all Chinese nationals and overseas residents to align with the modern civilisation of China and other countries, to appreciate and realise Chinese virtues and values, and also to enrich the cultural diversity of the global community.

About Madam Lo Kan Fong

Madam Lo Kan Fong is the Vice-Chairlady of the “Hong Kong Society for the Promotion of Chinese Liyi” and the founder and director of “Lo Kan Fong Chinese Wedding”, a marriage planner and consultancy.  She is a renowned and experienced senior ceremony consultant-cum-lucky lady in Chinese wedding etiquette, and also a leader in the profession.  Madam Lo is committed to promoting the now popular Hong Kong-style wedding etiquette by polishing the Chinese marriage protocols through modern aesthetics so that the ceremony is founded on traditional Chinese rites with the process optimized to accommodate the new and old and to sensibly and suitably refine the Chinese wedding ceremonial procedures. Madam Lo has planned and presided over thousands of weddings for clients from various walks of life, including eminent executives, distinguished personalities and popular celebrities. Over the years, she has been invited to be the keynote speaker at various wedding expos and also writing for numerous wedding magazines, websites and forums. In 2006, she was invited by ESDlife online platform of the Hong Kong SAR Government to serve as the consultant of Chinese wedding ceremony and webpage guest, and she was also appointed the etiquette specialist and compère in Hong Kong’s first lawful collective Chinese wedding ceremony in 2007. In 2009, Madam Lo was elected one of the “Hundred Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs in China” and received the certificate of honour in the People’s Hall of Beijing.

About Muse Chan

Muse Chan is a well-known international photographer who has been engaged in advertising and design work for over 15 years.  He then branched out in wedding photography and has now filmed over 1,000 weddings.  His unique aesthetic touch, use of colour, skill with the lens, and his use of light and shadow has brought a unique artistic style of photography, design, and fashion into traditional wedding gowns and wedding photography. His exceptional work style attracted external attention and he has visited a number of cities to organize different types of photographic education and to serve as a judge in competitions.  Muse Chan is the first Hong Kong photographer to film wedding couples in Iceland and the Sahara, starting a trend in wedding photography in those places.  His works has won many local and international photography awards.