Let Our Heart Breathe: Seminar Workshop

Let Our Heart Breathe x Hui Sze Sze


From psychology to Buddhism;

From the American business community and a return to Hong Kong to operate a Buddhist supplies shop.

Step by step in seven years, struggle and study in work, family and life
Looking back, she has found that the best arrangements lay behind every encounter.

How much resonating experience has there been on the growth path in the intertwining of the material and spiritual world?
We sincerely invite you to listen to the story of, not only Hanlie, but of “Hui Sze Sze” breathing.


Host | Let Our Heart Breathe

Co-organizer & Venue Support | Jao Tsung-I Academy


Speaker|Dr. Wong Pui Yan x Hanli Founder – Hui Sze Sze

Date|23 June 2019 (Sunday)

Time|5 pm–7 pm

Location|Theatre, Jao Tsung-I Academy (800 Castle Peak Road, Mei Foo)




Limited seats, first come, first served.

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University lecturer
Full of curiosity about human nature and life,
she loves to seek simple peace of mind inside
and outside the classroom.

Guest Host: Dr. Venus Wong
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Hanli Founder - Hui Sze Sze