Let Our Heart Breathe: Seminar Workshop

Let Our Heart breathe x Dr. Fan Ning

Working as a surgeon in a public hospital he saw life and death every day;

Practicing medicine in the battlefield, he felt the impermanence of life.

In establishing the charities “Health in Action” and “Forget Thee Not”, he found that in the face of impermanence, there can still be love.

We sincerely invite you to cherish and discuss both life and death and sense their transient nature.


Host | “Let Our Heart Breathe”
Co-organizer & Venue Support | Jao Tsung-I Academy

Speaker|Eliza Cheung x Dr. Fan Ning

Date|14 April 2019 (Sunday)
Time|3 pm–5 pm
Place|Theater, Jao Tsung-I Academy (800 Castle Peak Road, Mei Foo)


Limited seats, first come, first served.