Kwun Yum and Earth God

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Kwun Yum and Earth God

Kwun Yum or Kwun Sai Yum (觀世音) is known for centuries as a deity of sympathy, compassion and mercy, hearing the pleas of those who are suffering. She is worshiped by people of both the Taoist and Buddhist religions. Kwun Yum in the earlier times was a male divinity, but evolved to be a female deity in Tang Dynasty (唐朝).

It is presumed that during the periods of Lai Chi Kok Prison, Infectious Disease Hospital and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre, patients visit this statue to worship Kwun Yum.

The Earth God next to it is responsible for the peace in the area. In the traditional Chinese culture, the worship of the Earth God is the worship to the earth. Nowadays are mostly praying for good fortune, wealth, peace and agricultural harvest.