Old Incinerator (1930s) & Old Pier (late 19th century)

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Old Incinerator

Unlike the old incinerator in the Middle Zone, this incinerator is similar to the typical incinerators in the rural area. This incinerator should be used in handling regular and normal waste. In the early days, this incinerator served as a more convenient way for the hospital staff to handle regular waste.


Old Pier

Lai Chi Kok was once located in the coastal area, and this is the reason an old pier is found on the site. Due to its distinctive geography, the site had always been ideal for a wide range of public facilities, including Kowloon Customs sub-station (1895-1899), Chinese Labourers’ Quarters (1904-1906) and Quarantine Station (1910-1912). Until the land reclamation in 1921, the pier no longer served its role for boat parking.