Chinese Traditional Food Workshop 2019

Glory of Spring ─ Making Green Dumplings


The “Chinese Traditional Food Workshop” at Jao Tsung-I Academy continues to share healthy food with friends who love food and culture. This year’s spring workshop will bring a snack with the traditional characteristics of Jiangnan water town – green dumplings.

The workshop instructor “Cooking Mama” studies traditional Chinese medicine and pays attention to what goes into food and drink, which will bring along fresh wormwood to make this traditional folk snack. What interesting cultural allusions are hidden in the green dumplings wrapped around sweet or savory bean fillings? Create your own dumplings and hear little stories about nutrition and wellness and traditional culture!

Workshop Content:

-Making 4 green dumplings

-Tasting Rose Tea


Instructor; “Cooking Mama” Ellen Chow studies Chinese medicine and loves cooking, especially traditional Chinese health food

Date 17 March 2019 (Sunday)

Time: 2 pm – 4 pm

Cost*: $200 (adults), $180 (members), $240 (families, 1 adult + 1 child)

Quota: 20

Register: Click Here

Enquires: 2100 2828 (Miss Lam) /


-Cost includes all materials & tools, but you will need to bring your own box for the finished products

-If you participate in a family group, children must be at least 5 years of age


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