Jao Tsung-I Academy is currently in the midst of the flower season, where a multitude of flowers compete for attention. We sincerely invite you to seize the opportunity to visit the Raoul Center during this blooming season and indulge in the beauty of flowers, tea, and coffee in a city oasis filled with the melodies of birds and the fragrance of flower. A series of flower festival-themed activities will be available for everyone to participate in. Details will be announced in due course, Stay tuned!

Blossom flourishing through the Lens’ Photography Contest

The century-old architecture with its red brick walls is embraced by blooming flowers, while the surrounding hills are adorned with the footprints of blossoms, presenting a unique and captivating beauty! Coinciding with Jao Tsung-I Academy’s 10th anniversary, in addition to recreating the past in old photographs in the photography competition, we can also show the charm and uniqueness of the Academy through photographs. Hope everyone can create more wonderful memories at the Jao Tsung-I Academy.

Competition Themes (choose one):
1. Showcasing the charm and uniqueness of the Jao Tsun-I Academy.
2. Depicting the theme of “Heritage” in relation to the Jao Tsun-I Academy’s 10th anniversary and flowers.
3. Recreating a scene captured by yourself or a family member/friend at the Jao Tsun-I Academy (from four years ago or more).

Photography Subjects and Scope:
Flowers, birds, architecture, people, objects, and landscapes within the Jao Tsun-I Academy (Upper, Middle, and Lower Zone).

There are no age restrictions or categories in this competition.
All photography enthusiasts are welcome to participate.

Submission Period:
From 1st February 2024 to 15th April 2024

Champion 🥇: one night’s stay in a standard room at Heritage Lodge, breakfast at Timeless Café and dinner at the House of Joy for two persons
1st Runner-up 🥈: Lunch for two at Timeless Café
2nd Runner-up 🥉: $100 cash voucher for Timeless Café
Merit award: Exquisite commemorative gifts.

Announcement of Results:

The winning entries will be announced on the Jao Tsung-I Academy ‘s website and other social media platforms after the competition concludes. Additionally, the winners will be notified by separate email.

*In case of dispute, Jao Tsung-I Academy reserves the right of final decision.

Special 10th Anniversary Reward: All participants will receive a coupon for Timeless Café and the House of Joy!

Love @ JTIA Flower Festival


Coinciding with Fête des Fleurs
held by the Sham Shui Po District
Office, we have received a
generous donation of tulips. With
our meticulous design, we have
created a brand-new check-in
spot for you to capture beautiful
moments. Let’s come visit and
take photos! Also don’t forget to
enjoy the flowers, coffee, and
delicious food.Let’s celebrate the Flower
Festival at JTIA with love.We express our gratitude to the
Gui Kong Caring Foundation for
sponsoring the tulips displayed in
this exhibition.


Traditional Embroidery workshop
Embroidery, as a delicate and exquisite
art form, has a history of thousands of
years. It combines the aesthetic concepts
and craftsmanship of Chinese culture,
showing vivid patterns with colorful
lines and meticulous stitching.
Whether you are a beginner with an
interest in embroidery or an
experienced embroidery enthusiast, you
are welcome to participate in this event
and experience the artistic beauty of
embroidery. It is an opportunity to
appreciate and preserve this traditional
Prosperity Flower Quilling Workshop
Using just ordinary strips of paper, you
can create a vibrant three-dimensional
paper artwork through cutting, rolling,
pasting and other techniques.
Insect Collector Workshop
Learn about local insects that appear in
different seasons and their
characteristics by observing real insect
Make realistic paper insect specimens
and take them home.
“Collect” beautiful insects in the wild
without harming nature.

Flowers in Bloom Guided Tour
Learn more about the seasonal
flowers in bloom and learn the stories
behind these plants from a Little
Woods tour guide.
Children and adults alike can relax
their body and mind, letting go of the
five senses by observing the ecology
of nature. Discover the insects and
birds flying among the flowers at the
Academy, a city oasis, and learn
about the interesting connections
between creatures.


Lecture On Chinese Culture
Lingnan in Chinese Art
Date: 16 March 2024 (SAT)
Time: 3 pm – 5 pm
Venue: Jao Tsung-I Academy,
Low Zone, The Gallery – Hall 3
Conducted by the director
of Sun Museum YEUNG Chun
Tong in Cantonese


2024 Special Lantern Festival Program:
Eco-friendly quilling Workshop
The night of the full moon on the 15th
day of the first lunar month not only
marks the Lantern Festival but also
symbolizes the end of the Lunar New
Year celebrations. You may have
received many red envelopes during
lunar new year, and don’t want to waste
any remaining red envelopes just by
throwing them away?Instead of letting those red envelopes
go to waste, why not recycle and turn
them into beautiful roses? Join our eco-
friendly quilling workshop, where you
can learn how to transform red
envelopes into exquisite rose
Film Photography Workshop

In conjunction with the 2024 Jao
Tsung-I Flower Festival, Idiot Camera
has been specially invited to host a film
photography workshop at the Academy!
If you’ve been curious about trying out
film cameras but are afraid of
purchasing one, and not knowing how
to use it or not getting the desired results,
worry no more!

You can participate in the film
photography workshop co-organized by
Idiot Camera and JTIA.
Idiot Camera will provide participants
with professional knowledge and
photography techniques specifically
tailored to film cameras. Afterward,

you’ll have the opportunity to freely
capture the vibrant beauty of JTIA’s
floral surroundings, putting your newly
acquired skills into practice.

⚫ Introduction to film cameras
⚫ Learn photography skills
⚫ One roll of test film
⚫ Includes film processing

Paper-cut DIY Bag Workshop

Paper-cutting has been widely used at
important events such as festival
celebrations, weddings and festive
occasions since ancient times. Through
the cutting of paper and exquisite skills,
the profound heritage of Chinese culture
and the beauty of art are displayed.
In this workshop, you will have the
opportunity to experience paper-cutting
and not only carry on the long history and
cultural value of this traditional craft but
also adorn your fabric bags with exquisite
patterns. It’s a win-win situation that
allows you to appreciate the artistry of
paper-cutting while decorate your own
bag with exquisite patterns!

The workshop is cnaceled.