Cultural Talks


Talk 1:    Spring Awakens Red Apricot Branches:   

         Humour in Chinese Classical Literature

Speaker:    Professor Tommy Lai (黎廣基)
(MPhil and PhD, School of Chinese,

the University of Hong Kong)

Date:         4 March 2018 (Sunday)

Time:        3pm – 5 pm


Talk 2:    A Talk on Flowers and the Twelve Beauties in

the Dream of Red Chamber

Speaker:  Dr. Zhang Hui (張惠)

(Assistant Professor, Department of Chinese

Literature, Chu Hai College of Higher Education,

Hong Kong)

Date:       11 March 2018 (Sunday)

Time:       3 pm – 5 pm


Talk 3:    Beautiful Flowers Bloom in the Back Garden of the

Peony Pavilion

Speaker:  Dr. Chan Chun-miu (陳春苗) (Chinese Opera researcher in Hong Kong)

Date:       18 March 2018 (Sunday)

Time:       3 pm – 5 pm


✿ Tickets: HK$50 (non-members), HK$45 (members) per talk

✿ Tickets: (Set of 3 Talks): HK$120 (non-members), HK$108 (members)



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