The 6th Inter-school Competition of Project Learning on Hong Kong’s History and Culture

Educational heritage – Schools and the development of Hong Kong society
Education is the cornerstone of social development: it nurtures talented youths for business, industry, government and other sectors and makes a crucial contribution to prosperity and progress. In Hong Kong’s early years as a free port, the city was sparsely populated and the government put little effort into developing education. Over the course of the late 19th and early 20th century, local education was gradually influenced by the British school system, but up to the Second World War the Chinese system in the form of study halls could also be observed in Hong Kong at the same time. When the political environment in China changed after the war, many mainland Chinese flocked to Hong Kong, and this surge in the city’s population resulted in a serious shortage of primary school places. With existing schools struggling to cope with the extra demand, the government began expanding its school system, while churches, Chinese associations and other organisations eagerly set about founding schools to help solve the problem. This resulted in the phenomenon of education driving social development and organisations opening schools as a way to give back to society. In this year’s competition, we encourage student participants to choose a research topic related to their own school, a single school, multiple schools, a particular type of school or schools in a certain era as the basis for their efforts to explore the relationship between educational heritage and the development of Hong Kong society.

A. Written Report
B. Multi-media Production

Junior Division: F.1-F.3 Students
Senior Division: F.4-F.6 Students

Open to individual students or a team of not more than five.

Prizes for the Champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up and Merit Award will be offered for each category. The winning team will also be awarded a trophy and book coupons.

Deadline for Application
3/2/2017 (Friday)

Deadline for Submission

Please click here to download application form and entry handout

To complement the competition, two special lectures will be organised in 2017:

The lecture will be conducted in Cantonese. Free admission. First come, first served. The co-organisers makes no representation concerning the contents of the lectures.

2559 4904 (The Hong Kong Institute for Promotion of Chinese Culture)
2724 9026 (Hong Kong Museum of History)