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訂購門票與付款方法詳情 (Payment Methods and Booking Details):

  1. 訂票會以先到先得方式安排,閣下會於訂購申請後兩個工作天內收到確認電郵通知。
    (Booking will be in First-come-first-serve basis, you will receive a confirmation email within 2 working days after the booking request.)
  2. 選擇網上付款會隨確認電郵通知付款連結。
    (A hyperlink for online payment will be attached if you selected the payment method of online payment.)
  3. 付款確認後方為訂購成功。
    (Unpaid tickets are regarded as unsuccessful bookings.)
  4. 本館保留接納或取消報名人士參加活動的最終決定權。
    (JTIA holds the final decision of accepting a booking.)
  5. 付款方法 ( Payment Methods)
    • 網上付款 (需附加HK$30手續費)
      Online payment (needs to pay HK$30 transaction fee)
    • 於饒宗頤文化館禮品閣(G座地下)繳費 (需出示確認電郵)
      Pay at Block G Souvenir Corner of JTIA  (needs to show the confirmation email.)
    • 銀行入數 (入數後請電郵入數紙通知文化館
      Bank-in (Please email the bank-in slip to JTIA (

收集個人資料聲明: 以上所收集的個人資料只在饒宗頤文化館和有關合辦活動單位的宣傳中使用,而並不會發給其他機構和個人使用。

Disclaimer: The collected information will only be utilized by JTIA and the corresponding co-organizer for promotion, it will NOT be distributed to any third parties.

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