Facilities of the Academy

Achieving a balance in conservation, revitalization and technology, the Academy has given a new life to this large hundred-year-old historical compound. The entire complex has been classified as “Grade III historical building”. After renovation and reinforcement, each building has been redesigned and laid out for its new usage but has retained as much as possible its original structure and style. Starting from 2012, the dozens of buildings located in the High, Middle and Low Zones have been open to the public one after another. In early 2014, the Heritage Lodge officially began to operate. In June 2014, the Academy was formally open.

A wide range of facilities in the compound are available for rent by institutions and organizations. For further information, please download the venue booking handbook or contact us by telephone at 2100 2828.

Lower Zone

The Gallery and the Heritage Hall are located in the Low Zone. If you need assistance, please contact the Reception Office, also located in the Low Zone. From the Low Zone you can reach the Middle Zone via a flight of steps or by the elevator.

Middle Zone

The Middle Zone comprises six main buildings which house the Exhibition Halls, Resource Centre, Restaurant, Theatre, Lecture Hall, and the administrative office of the Academy. Various facilities are provided within and outside these buildings, including exhibition halls, activity rooms, theatre, lecture hall, art workshops and conference room. The Atrium in the middle court between the Restaurant and the Theatre is covered by a skylight to allow for outdoor activities whether rain or shine.

Upper Zone

The High Zone comprises five hundred-year-old 2-storey buildings, which have now become the Heritage Lodge with unique characteristics. It provides memorable lodging in an oasis within the city, surrounded by luscious green trees, chirping birds and fragrant flowers.

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